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The Setting

Learn about the background of how and where this campaign takes place, our heroes and the characters they have met.


The Crown of the Jade Kingdom

Hope or Doom

Stories tell of the fall of the King in the Forest, the god of the Hunt. That he was the husband and protector of Alarielle. His fate is but whispers, but some believe he lives on and that somewhere hidden within the realm of Thyria, the Jade Kingdom, is the key to his recovery.

Amongst the peoples of the great miracle which is the Living City, reside a wild and vigilant order known as the Veridian Hunters. Not much is openly discussed about them, but what is known and frowned on is that they venerate Kurnoth, god of the Hunt and King in the Forest.

You have received a letter advising you to seek out a member of the order, Braern Stornos in the Wild Thorn, a tavern on the edge of the Living City.

Your journey begins, good luck adventurer.

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