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The crown of the jade kingdom

Age of Sigmar Narrative Campaign

The Tempest Crew's ongoing narrative campaign set in the Age of Sigmar

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The Setting

Learn about the background of how and where this campaign takes place.

Soul Wars_ The Novel - Warhammer Communi

Growing your Hero

Learn how to increase your hero's abilities and characteristics.

Our Heroes


Cultaic Yewscar

Hailing from the Hollow Forest, Cultaic has been charged with finding more about the Crown and the order known as the Veridian Hunters.


Taurax the Devoted

Sigmar has entrusted Taurax to search the lands for any Artifacts or symbols of Chaos and destroy them or finding lost mighty edifices that can be used by the Stormhost while at the same time spreading the word of Sigmars name and destroying all that defile it.

Mediira Scathsoul

A faithful scout of the blood covens, eyes and ears to the Priestesses of Khaine, Mediira is one of many scouts with the vital task of keeping the covens always one step ahead. Mediira’s true purpose is to guide the forces of the covens to their enemies, while keeping would-be allies in the forces of Order sated and trusting of her people.


Tethsis Brightshield

Tethsis hails from Hysh, sent by the Lumineth Realm Lords, his motivations and intentions are hidden behind his wall of purity. Who knows what Tyrion or Teclis has instructed him to do.


The Rules

How to play

Game turns

The game turns follow the same sequence as Age of Sigmar:

Roll for initiative*

Hero phase

Movement phase

Shooting phase

Melee phase

However, these are separated between each hero and enemy according to their activation speed.

For example; Korlan has a speed value of 6, and the mob of dryads has a speed value of 10. The dryads and Korlan will rotate through their turns as below:

Hero phase



Movement phase



Shooting phase



Melee phase



*Initiative roll: players & NPC's roll two D6 and add:

+1 to their result if their move characteristic is between 5 and 10. 

+2 to the result if their move characteristic is over 10. 

The enemy activation

Ranged Unit


1-3 Move towards closest cover.

4-5 Move away from enemies.

6 Move towards enemy.


1-2 Attack most injured enemy.

3-5 Attack nearest enemy.

6 Attack nearest enemy twice.

Melee unit


1-3 Move towards nearest enemy.

4-5 Move towards least injured enemy.

6 Move to nearest cover.


1-4 Charge towards and attack nearest enemy if possible.

5-6 Charge towards and attack least injured enemy if possible.

Hero Unit


1-3 Move to nearest friendly unit.

2-4 Move towards nearest enemy.

5-6 Move towards the least injured enemy.


1-2 Charge towards nearest enemy and attack if possible.

3-5 Charge towards the least injured enemy and attack if possibly.

6 Charge towards the nearest enemy and attack twice.

Hero Phase

1-3 Cast random spell on nearest applicable unit.

4-6 Use random command ability on nearest applicable unit.

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