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About Us

Who are we?

Tempest Wargaming started out as a group of mates here in New Zealand coming together to play great games, like Warhammer, Infinity the Game, Aristiea, Age of Sigmar and others.

When we were introduced to Aristeia, a game by the team at Corvus Belli, we decided to start our own Twitch stream and YouTube channel to broadcast our own league games. Since then we have been playing all sorts of games.

BUT NOW... Now we are creating our own game - crimson ECO - which is set in an alternate Earth in the early 2000's. We are busy playtesting, designing mini's with Eldritch Foundry, creating the world and in early 2023 releasing more details about the Kickstarter we are planning for it.

Can't wait to share more and deliver an awesome, fresh skirmish game for everyone to enjoy!

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