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The tales of the Heroes of Ghyrskull


Fort Ghyrskull

As you leave the cover of the forest you see a broken and ancient tower, the locals call it Fort Ghyrskull. The sun is slowly slipping behind the horizon as you approach, and strange flittering lights start darting around the fort. Some are bright blues and greens, while others are more orange and yellow. They seem to pay you no mind as you walk closer and continue their strange little dance.
You finally step into the fort and find a hooded figure sitting in the middle of the crumbled tower, he stands and shrugs his hood off, nods to you and the others next to you that you never noticed where there.
“Ahhh, you made it Taurax! It’s been too long, but we must be away. The Wild Thorn isn’t far, but the locals don’t like strangers in this part of Thyria.” Rumbled the man.

Wild Thorn Tavern exterior.jpeg

The Wild Thorn Tavern

As you and your fellow adventurers enter the tavern with Allard leading the way, you are hit with the sound of music, the smell of mead, smoke, bread and cooked meat. No one turns as you walk in.

Allard leads you to a quiet table in the far end of the tavern and sits down. He explains that the Veridian Hunters are known to spend time here at the Wild Thorn and that you will need to earn their notice. He orders some pints of ale and bread. As you eat and drink you listen to what you can in the tavern, at the table next to you they are talking of a monster caught in the nearby forest by another monster.

They say that all through the last two days roaring has been heard echoing from the depths and that anybody foolish enough to go near hasn't came back... Allard, looks to you and nods; "Maybe an opportunity to earn some attention?"


The Path to the Gates

The End of Chapter One

After scattering the rebel ambush, the Heroes of Ghyrskull, find themselves on the edge of Lake Innis. The vibrant blue water calmly laps at the sandy shore, spites, birds and other wild life quietly observe the newcomers.
Braern turns to Cultaic, “You know where we must go. Reach the Silverwyr Gates, and pray to Kurnoth they guide you through the Gates of Dawn. Seek a new ally, she awaits you in Athelwyrd. Farewell my friend.”
And with that Braern turned and stepped back into the woods, immediately disappearing from sight. Cultaic turned to his companions, Taurax and Tethsis.
“Follow me quick blood, we must head east. Keep your senses keen as we are not alone.”
With that the three Heroes turned east and carefully left the lake behind and stepped back into the forest…

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