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Karney Dawson
May 09, 2021
In Roleplay
I write to you again on this dark night to update you on my quest for knowledge. I have had to make my presence known in this backward part of the realm to get the eyes of those that can give me knowledge looking my way. We killed a count in the service of Nagash, he was mighty but again with some help from my newfound companions and the will of Sigmar this monstrosity was found wanting along with his minions. We have split up, the other two who I care not for have gone deep into the forest while myself and the Bard went back to the village. I have kept the Serpent woman with me, she has a sharp eye with the bow and could be useful though I imagine also deceiving. I will stay here a few more days in the hope some new information comes to hand. I will write as soon as I hear more.

Karney Dawson

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