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Issue 2

Ghyrskull Herald

Heroes, songs and Stormcast

You knew of the Duke who hunted the Hollow woods outside our little town, feeding on those who stumbled into his land. Well, praise be to Sigmar! Taurax, our golden saviour has slain the beast! Yes, there were others there, but it was mighty Taurax who brought Sigmar's light to the woods and slew the beast. I was there, and it was terrifying; ghosts, undead spirits and the beastial Duke.

We return to the Wild Thorn victorious, songs are sung, mead and ale consumed and merriment all around. Taurax, our herald of hope and of Sigmar!

I plan on learning more about our hero as I continue to journey with him throughout Ghyran, until next time readers, stay safe and praise Sigmar.

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