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Issue 1

This month in Ghyran we have seen adventurers arrive from around the Realms, seeking information on the Jade Crown.

Are the rumors true? Could this bring back Kurnoth, will this unite the various sects of Aelf and Sylvaneth? Or will this be some dark ploy by Papa Nurgle to spread disease and corruption throughout our Realm and into the heart of the Living City.

I have seen Aelf, Duardin, Stormcast, Treefolk and others spending much time at the Wild Thorn seeking answers and allies as they set out into the wilds. These are mysterious times, remember to keep your prayers to Alarielle and do not chop down living trees.

Cadw'n ddiogel


Who is Taurax?

Recently there has been a name whispered around the villages and taverns in the wilds outside the Living City. They say Taurax is a giant of Sigmar, here to slay evil. But is he here for that, or something more? Do you worship Sigmar or Alarielle or are you a wild worshipper of Kurnoth?

Whatever the case, approach him with caution. For he may squish you under his giant feet or stare a hole through your soul.

Cadw'n ddiogel



The Bad Moon Rises

Archery Contest in Spiteshade Vale

The Queen’s Anniversary


We honor our ancestors best not by following their ways exactly but by doing what they did better.

- The Hooded Hunter

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