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Growing your Hero

Learn how to increase your hero's abilities and characteristics.

after adventuring

After each adventure, your hero earns experience and Ur-gold. These can be used to upgrade skills, attributes, buy weapons, armour and items.


After each battle heroes will earn xp as seen below:

  • Survived = 1xp

  • killed an enemy = 1xp

  • killed an enemy hero = 2xp

  • completed objective = 2xp

As you gain experience you will be able to increase certain characteristics OR learn new abilities.

For every 10xp you gain, you level up. When you level up, you may choose one of the characteristics below and increase that by 1 point.

  • Move

  • Wounds

  • Attacks (melee)

  • Attacks (missile)

  • To hit (melee)

  • To hit (missile)

(Please remember a roll of a 1 always fails)

For every 5 levels you can learn a new ability from the list below:

  • Decapitating Swing: If the unmodified hit roll for an attack made with a melee weapon is 6, that attack inflicts 1 mortal wound on the target in addition to any normal damage.

  • Fortress of Boughs: In your hero phase you can take the fortress of boughs stance. Meaning you cannot move, but add 1 to hit, wound and save rolls.

  • Martial Memories: Once per phase, you can re-roll 1 failed hit roll or 1 failed wound roll for an attack made by this unit, or 1 failed save roll for an attack that targets this unit, or 1 charge or run roll for this unit, or 1 battleshock test for this unit. You cannot use this ability to re-roll more than once dice for this unit in the same phase.

  • Quicksilver Shot: You can shoot twice in the shooting phase if you did not move in the movement phase.

  • Shield Mastery: If equipped with a shield, add 1 to your save roll and reduce the incoming rend by 1 to a minimum of 0.

Awesome forest concept art.jpg

Mini adventures

Feeling brave?

After each battle you can venture into some of the settlements in the wilds to secure items, weapons and armour.

See below for the destinations and what you may find.

Azure Watch:

1-2 Mugged = Your hero loses one random item.

3-5 Strange stories = Gain 2xp.

6 = Mysterious figure = roll on the Artifacts of power chart.

Fogmore Haven:

1 = Sleep = you gain 1xp and 1 additional wound for the next battle.

2-4 = Friendly bar keep = You are able to purchase healing Elixirs for 5 Ur Gold each.

5 = Weaponsmith = For 10 Ur Gold you may increase your Wounds or Save characteristic by 1.

6 = Forge = Add either 1 rend, 1 attack or 1 damage to one melee weapon.

The House of Flowers:

1 = Lost, you stumble into a maze as you enter the house = lose 2xp.

2-3 = Inspired = Gain 2xp.

4-5 = For 2 Ur Gold you can add a keyword to one of your abilities.

6 = A place of learning = Gain one random ability from the list below:

1-2 = Ethereal; Ignore modifiers (positive or negative) when making save rolls for attacks that target this unit.

3-4 = Ghostly Howl; At the start of your shooting phase, pick an enemy unit within 10" of this model and roll 2D6. If the roll is higher than the unit’s Bravery characteristic, it suffers a number of mortal wounds equal to the difference between its Bravery characteristic and the roll.

5-6 = Blessings of the forest; Subtract 1 from all hit rolls that target this model if it is within 3” of a forest.

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